Born into a Christian home, second son among 6 brothers and one sister.  Grandpa Newton(we are in the John Newton family) prayed for me everyday of my life.

Raised in the Nazarene church, had at one time felt the call of God for me to go into the ministry.

In mid-teens left that aspiration behind to sow wild oats.  For 25 years ran in the opposite direction from God, but He was right there at my back…always, the faster I ran, the more I could feel His presence.

In 1982, came back to the Lord with a fierce hunger for Him and His Word….if you’re hungry for Him, He will feed you.

After growing spiritually, I spent several years in the music ministry singing in churches from coast to coast.  Found myself in Tulsa, OK, without an immediate plan(my wife was burned out and went home to her parents in Florida).  I was raw meat and hurting and then I ran into someone from my old hometown.  He invited me work with kids at a low income housing project(there are ten in Tulsa, a town of 500,000).  I thought I’d be able to set up chairs or clean up afterwards or at least be a good Sunday School policeman.  This guy asked me to bring along my guitar…..I didn’t even know he’d had heard me in concert.  He introduced me to a group of 85 kids at the Sand Springs rec center and said he was going to work with the adults and the kids were my responsibility….wow, I pulled out every song I had ever learned in SS and somehow God let me remember every one of those kids’ names(the most important thing that they owned) and we had a great time.  I started getting God’s word bigtime on the inside of me first, and then spending the time putting each verse into music, including the address and presenting it visually so the kids and myself could remember it.  Well, guess what, His words did a work on me first and then I was able to share it.  The ministry expanded to ten services a week…setting up and tearing down and moving on to the next one.

I believe in the importance of getting God’s word on the inside.  Like money in the bank, a reserve for a rainy day or to draw on to meet daily needs…the more of His word you know, the more you know who He is and just like your Dad, when you know his likes and dislikes, you do what he likes.  For the last 20 years or more, I’ve been putting Bible verses to music to make the memory process easier…a verse a day.  My website, is nearing completion.

I’ve run Kidz Krusades, weekly children’s church programs, VBS programs, Quiz team teaching programs and all with the focus on  sharing God’s Word.  When a child learns a scripture I reward him or her with a gold dollar – I put my money where my heart is.  Some may consider it a bribe, and maybe it is, but that’s what God has put on my heart as a vehicle to get God’s word on the inside of kids, teach them NOW about tithing and $aving their monies, still having eighty percent left for themselves and having fun in the process.

Ten cents to God, Ten cents to $avings and Eighty cents for themselves.

Twenty one years ago, Mary came into my life(God saved the best for last) with her four kids…and added to my four kids that makes eight(five boys and three girls)….AND we have nineteen grandkids….I love em’

I love kids and they know it.  It’s not just part God or a lot of God…it’s ALL GOD!

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